Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Hatha Yoga is a mind/body method of exercise. The foundations of practice are concentration, alignment, proper weight distribution, breath control, and mindful movements. Each contributes to the optimum development of posture, body and mind." - Tony Sanchez 
  It has been a month since Mountain Yoga opened the new Little Cottonwood Room. We have been pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm the new classes have received. If you have not already, we encourage you all to try the new classes that are included in your current Mountain Yoga Sandy membership or package.
Yoga practice tips to help you maintain perspective... 
The practice of Hatha yoga consists of multiple foundational layers. In the beginning of one's practice it is easiest, and often best, to experience and master one foundation at a time while being respectful of others. It is important to be patient with your practice. Your understanding of each foundation will evolve in time.
With continued mindful practice one will find it easier to weave together the multiple layers of Hatha yoga and move into stillness; both physically and mentally. For it is the practice of STILLNESS that brings clarity of mind and ease of body. The process of integrating mental intentions into the physical body, with breath and balanced alignment, will bring great freedom and strength over time.

As you practice, allow yourself to move slowly into and out of each asana, maintaining control. Be interested in your skeletal alignment, weight distribution, muscle control and breath in order to create a balanced practice. Remember that the greatest benefits of Hatha yoga come from the littlest intentions.
Lastly give yourself some time before and after class to set your personal intention for your daily practice and to integrate it in your life, respectively.
Thank you all for supporting Mountain Yoga.
See you on the mat,
-Alex & Jackie

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mountain Yoga Sandy Evolves

After 10+ amazing years Jackie and I are now excited to expand our initial intention of creating a sanctuary in the Salt Lake Valley where all peoples from all backgrounds can come together to discover and/or deepen their yoga practice. Both Jackie and I are so thankful for all of you the students, teachers and staff that have come together to create such a wonderful space. Over the years we have been witness to endless amounts of personal transformation and expansion, a true testimony to a consistent yoga practice. Moving into the future we are committed to bringing you the very best studio experience where everyone feels welcome to create a happier, healthier, and more vibrant life.
A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.  -Oliver Wendell Holmes
While we maintain an understanding and respect for those who have come before us, we are open to the infinite possibilities that lay ahead. Over the years we have learned from the past as we have practiced in the present, helping us to create a vision for the future of Mountain Yoga. We have chosen to keep our eyes and our hearts wide open in order to continuously evolve. As we soar into the future we welcome all of you and your friends to come to your mat to embrace, cultivate and enjoy a consistent, intelligently aligned, and sustainable yoga practice.

Mountain Yoga will be adding a variety of great classes and teachers to our existing hot yoga schedule and encourage you to expand your practice. Soon we will have a larger lobby and additional studio room that we will call the Little Cottonwood Studio (LCS). The studio should be open sometime in the beginning of October and with your existing class package you will now have 46 plus classes a week to attend. Our hot yoga classes in our Main Studio Room, now called the Big Cottonwood Studio (BCS) will remain the same.

Some like hot and some don't! Whether you want a hot beginner core 26 class or an apr├Ęs ski restorative class or somewhere in-between Mountain Yoga will have class for you!

See you in Class!
-Alex & Jackie